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My name is Maria Simmons and I am in my forties.

The purpose of this blog is to share some impressions, comments, products, remedies, reviews, treatments

for those suffering.

I know how uncomfortable this might be as I too… you know…

I will try to post at least weekly. My posts will be divided according to categories in order for you to find easily what would be of interest.

Please, rely primarily on your doctor. This is not a place to find 100% sure remedies. Well, nothing is certain in life and illness!

We – as you are invited to contribute actively – share many many remedies, treatments, and products which

cannot bring complete, 100% cure or no after-effects.

As you will see, I will try to sell products as I am an affiliate. Meaning, if you buy thru my links, I

make a small commission. This will help me cover the expenses with maintaining and writing this blog.

Software, hosting, outsourcing can be sometimes very very expensive…

One more thing. English is not my maternal language. People around me, however, keep telling that I am speaking and writing well. Well, how kind of them!

If you need to contact me, please, use admin _at_

I will try to solve it according to my capabilities. They are not important as I am not a qualified person; however I am a little bit familiar with these kind of problems…

Happy to post for you!



Contact Information

If anything, please contact me at admin __ at __ I will try to answer as quickly as possible.